Hanba & Lazar | Our Firm
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About Hanba & Lazar

Since 1981, Hanba Lazar has distinguished itself as one of

Michigan’s leading insurance and employment defense law firms.


The attorneys at Hanba & Lazar have over 175 years of combined experience representing insurance companies and employers. As a result, we have an unparalleled ability to identify the relevant legal issues and come up with creative and effective solutions. Our experience also allows us to anticipate problems in advance and tailor our strategies accordingly.


Favorable outcomes are not one-size-fits-all. Some cases go to trial, some settle, and some are resolved in unique ways. The attorneys at Hanba & Lazar are committed to working tirelessly to ensure that no matter how an issue is resolved, that resolution is as favorable as possible for our client.


We have always sought to keep our clients up to speed with the ever-changing industry we occupy. Hanba & Lazar attorneys have performed countless presentations and seminars for our clients in order to make sure they are aware of changes in the field. Any opportunity to educate our clients, or ourselves for that matter, is viewed as paramount to our goal, because well-informed people have a much better chance to succeed in the future.


Every attorney-client relationship should be a collaboration. We believe our main role is to act as counselors to our clients, and this means we aim to be aware of and sensitive to our clients’ needs. If we can cultivate a relationship where our clients are able to openly share their concerns, then we have done our job, because this is the only way to truly make progress.